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EcoCabins is a manufacturer of smart compact homes and Tiny Houses, intended for permanent habitation. The EcoCabins are completely pre-fabricated (prefabricated) wooden houses and comply with the Dutch Building Decree. They have a low ecological footprint and are affordable. Beautiful design does not have to be expensive. Houses by EcoCabins are combined with as many natural materials as possible, a high insulation value and technical installations aimed at sustainability. With the help of the sun, the wind and the best insulation, you will enjoy a green investment.

Timber Construction

The advantages of building with wood are many: wood is light, flexible, insulates well, and builds quickly and efficiently. Timber construction also provides a solution to many of our current problems. It provides CO2 storage, and increasing demand will lead to the planting of more forests. Also, wood is fire-safe and, through prefabrication and automation, can rival the cost of traditional construction methods. A well-designed wooden house has a very long lifespan.

Discover our Tiny Houses

All EcoCabins are delivered Plug and Play (turn key). So you don't have to think about anything else. 

Upon arrival, EcoCabins are connected to utilities and with a turn of the key are habitable.  



An ecological home, Tiny House, or home office by EcoCabins is constructed as much as possible from sustainable and 100% natural materials, such as wood and mineral wool. Sustainable in production, sustainable in processing and sustainable in (re)use. And of course with a long lifespan of at least 70 years. All EcoCabins have a high insulation value, are produced using sustainable and/or natural materials wherever possible and have as their striking external feature the 'round corners', made possible by the specific use of materials.


The supporting structures of EcoCabins are made of wood. Wood is durable and completely recyclable.

100% FSC label

Photographs are a way of preserving a moment in our lives for the rest of our lives. Many of us have.

Natural finish

The exterior finish can vary by EcoCabin, from a thermal shell to a natural wood finish

Solar Panels

The roofs can be integrated with 14 to 28 solar panels of 325Wp or higher.

Glass wool insulation

The combination of natural glass wool with solid wood construction produces an energy-efficient home.

Infrared floor heating

Infrared floor heating fits well with our well-insulated homes: durable, electric and affordable.

Triple glazing

All homes come standard with triple glazing (HR+++), or comfortable, quiet and durable.

100% electric

All homes have high insulation, are (virtually) zero energy and 100% electric.

Get Social #TinyVilla

In 2019, the #TinyVilla was at the Masters of LXRY at the RAI in Amsterdam, for which we received the award for most sustainable booth. 

Currently, the #TinyVilla is rented out through Basecamp IJmuiden.

Why EcoCabins


All EcoCabins are high quality and affordable. Buy with minimal mortgage costs or rent in the mid-rent or as social housing. This leaves you with more time and resources for freedom, leisure and fun things.

Minimal footprint

A tiny house means "unpacking. Less stuff and more freedom in your head. All EcoCabins have high insulation and are (virtually) energy neutral. So not only cheap, but also sustainable!

Off grid

EcoCabins is investing in innovation. On the grounds near the headquarters of EcoCabins at Basecamp IJmuiden (recreation concept of EcoCabins), the company is experimenting with generating and storing its own energy with the aim of being able to apply this to other eco-resorts and housing projects.

Off grid

Due to the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship with which the cottages are built, they have a lifespan of more than 70 years. An ideal home with a low mortgage or a solid return when rented out. The EcoCabin is designed from simplicity, but the result is appealing.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play or Turn Key stands for immediate and user-friendly operation. Turn key is also known as turnkey. When a home is delivered "turnkey," basically nothing more needs to be done. No wasting time on settings before first use. Connect and ready.

Interior Design

Don't want to have to think about furnishings and are you curious about how an interior designer handles a tiny house? We have had a number of EcoCabins furnished by a design team. These furnishings are affordable full of smart design.


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